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Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian

Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian
February 7, 2020

Americans love cats and so does Village Veterinary Practice!

Did you know that cats are considered America's most popular pet? There are approximately 10 million more pet cats across the country than pet dogs. However, cats are far less likely to receive preventive veterinary care than dogs.

Not only does it take love and care from you as the pet owner, but it also takes proper medical care to maintain your cat’s health and longevity. Cats should be examined by their veterinarian at least once a year, and more frequently when he or she becomes a senior patient or develops a chronic medical condition. Cats are masters at hiding their illness and pain. Often, by the time the cat is showing symptoms a of problem, the condition has become advanced. This is why preventive care is so important.

We understand that it can be stressful to bring your cat to the hospital, and often the stress of the visit begins with getting your cat into the carrier. We have compiled a few resources which provide tips on how to get your cat to the veterinarian and help reduce the stress associated with this event.

Watch this video:


Getting your Cat to the Veterinarian: Reducing the stress of the veterinary visits for you and your cat.

If you need additional help or advice, please don't hesitate to call our office - we are always here to help! And remember, we also make house calls. Has your cat had a physical exam in the past year?