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Know exactly what you're getting.

When you go to the doctor, wouldn’t it be nice to leave with the medication you needed rather than having to make another trip to the pharmacy?  That’s the great thing about veterinary medicine!   We stock the majority of the medications your pet may need right here in our hospitals.  You can leave with your pet’s medication in hand and begin your pet’s treatment ASAP.  You can be confident that the medications your pet receives from our practices are safe, effective and dispensed under the specific order of your pet’s veterinarian.

Similar to many other products, some veterinary medications for your pet are increasingly available from third party internet vendors.  And while it might be more cost effective for the many things in our lives to purchase products from the internet, when it comes to medications there are multiple concerns and potential dangers with obtaining products through this route.


Benefits of Our Pharamcy 



With two Village Veterinary locations, it’s easy to pick up your pet’s medication or prescription diet refill at which ever location is closest to you.  Both practices also offer home delivery of medications and participate in the Hills to Home and Purina Vet Direct programs to have your pet's diets delivered directly to you!  Get started by clicking the image below.  

Hill's to Home Program









When you purchase your pet’s medications from a licensed veterinarian, you have the assurance that the medication has come from a trusted source.  Your pet’s veterinarian is the only professional that has gone through pharmacy training and licensure specifically for dog or cat. Village Veterinary Practice has expertise in veterinary pharmacology, including training and educating our staff to ensure your pet gets the exact medication with the proper dose.  The manufacturers of the medications we use stand behind their products and can support the patient, the pet owner and veterinary hospital, if any questions or adverse reactions occur.  Our veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers guarantee their products’ purity and efficacy, and will cover the cost of treatment should the product not perform as indicated.  When a medication is purchased from a source other than a licensed veterinarian, this guarantee may be lost, along with any product rebate the manufacturer may be offering.



If you choose to purchase your pet’s medication from an internet pet pharmacy, there are risks you should be aware of.  Prescriptions purchased from internet pharmacies may not come directly from the manufacturer.  Accurate labeling, storage conditions, proper expiration dates, medication safety, medication purity and efficacy may be compromised in these products.  Additionally, there are also a number of counterfeit drugs that can be found online.  These drugs may be labeled like the products you are accustomed to using on your pet; however, the actual product itself can be very different, resulting in severe harm to your pet.

In some cases, medications sold by internet pet pharmacies are obtained from sources outside of the United States. Products obtained from outside of the US are not regulated during manufacturing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products can be mislabeled, incorrectly formulated, contain contaminants, or contain the incorrect amount of drug.Out of concern for your pet, and the knowledge that we cannot control the safety nor effectiveness of what might be sent to you, Village Veterinary Practice does not endorse the use of pet internet pharmacies. 


Shop Local 

You are supporting our practice and our amazing staff when you choose to purchase from VVP.  Our team is here because we truley care about our patients and clients.  Your kindness and support means the world to us!   


Prescription Policy

We respect the right of our clients to get their pet's prescription food or medication from the pharmacy of their choice and will gladly write a prescription upon your request.  

Prescriptions will be written by the doctor and left at the front desk.  Clients choosing to obtain their pet’s medications from internet pet pharmacies assume the responsibility of obtaining and mailing the original written prescription to the internet pharmacy of choice.  For your pet’s safety, we will not make exceptions to this policy if your shipment has been delayed resulting in a lapse of medication dosing. 

Please note that most pharmacies will require the original prescription with the original doctor signature to process your request.   Most pharmacies will not accept email or copies of prescriptions from clients.

We do not communicate with outside online pharmacies by phone, email or fax.  It takes a lot of extra manpower that we simply do not have to manage these requests.  Likewise, it transfers liability to our practice and doctors in the event the online pharmacy provides the wrong medication or instructions.

Please note that it takes time for our doctors to evaluate the medical record and write prescriptions.  It takes time for you to pick up the prescription and mail out to the pharmacy.   Finally, it takes time for the pharmacy to process your request and mail out your items.  It is your choice to make your purchases where you see fit, but please allow ample time for this process.


FAXED PRESCRIPTION UPDATE:   As of June 1, 2023, our offices will no longer be using fax machines.   All prescription refill requests will either need to be made via phone or email.   We have notified our local pharamcy partners of this change.   

Pet Prescription Refills