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Our Partners for Pet Owners

If you are looking to give a loving home to an animal in need, please visit these local humane societies:

Pet Insurance

Did you know there is health insurance specifically designed for pets?  Pet insurance can be extremely helpful when your pet is unexpectedly diagnosed with a severe medical condition or when a catastrophic event or accident occurs.

Pet insurance plans are generally reimbursement plans.  Meaning, you pay the costs associated with your pet’s treatment upfront and then get reimbursed by the insurance company.  If you have a policy for your pet, we are more than happy to complete and submit the insurance paperwork for you so you can get reimbursed ASAP!

There are many companies now offering pet health insurance.  Village Veterinary Practice does not endorse any one provider over the others.  We recommend you do your research to determine what provider and plan is right for you.  CLICK HERE for a list of questions to help you choose the best pet insurance for your family.


Pet Loss

The loss of a beloved pet is the hardest part of being a pet owner.  We work closely with Trusted Journey to provide the after-life care your pet deserves.  From a final resting place in the peaceful animal cemetery to cremation services and beautiful urns, you can choose to memorialize your pet in a number of ways.

Wings pet loss support group meets once a month in Burr Ridge.  If you need to talk after losing a pet, this support group can help. No reservations are required and there is no charge to attend. Donations are gladly accepted.

Hinsdale Humane Society has a Pet Loss Support Group.  The group is led by Kelsie Weisenberger, a certified counselor, and will meet one Thursday per month.  This support group will be mainly discussion based, but will include educational aspects as well.   This group is a safe place for participants to mourn their animals in a healthy way while also learning coping techniques to help them move through their grief.