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At Village Veterinary Practice, we care about your pet's well being and home care as much as their medical health. Below you will find some articles that we have written to help you take care of your pet.

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Obesity: An Up and Coming Epidemic

Obesity and its relationship to certain human diseases is well known. Each year the number of overweight and obese dogs and cats increases, and veterinarians are seeing similar trends linking obesity and other diseases. Studies estimate that over one third of our pets are overweight, and that obese animals are more likely to develop diseases such as hyperadrenocortism (Cushing’ disease), hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, ruptured cruciate ligaments, osteoarthritis, or neoplasia.

Proper diet and exercise are the keys to maintaining ideal body condition. Research has shown that pets at ideal body weight will live an average of two years longer and delay the need for arthritis medications.

The facts are out that obesity increases the likelihood of serious disease and reduce your pet’s life span. There are a seemingly infinite number of dog and cat food formulations available and selecting the appropriate food can be difficult. Your veterinarian can help you determine your dog or cat’s current body condition and develop the right diet for your friend. As a result of reducing obesity we can offer our “special companions” a longer and healthier life.

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