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At Village Veterinary Practice, we care about your pet's well being and home care as much as their medical health. Below you will find some articles that we have written to help you take care of your pet.

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The following resources and guidelines have been developed to help our clients navigate through the process of traveling abroad with their pets.  


USDA Website

This is the official regulatory website for all pets traveling abroad.  A list of countries is available with requirements and docuements specific to each country.   

APHIS Accredited Veterinarians:

Our local USDA office is located in Des Plaines, IL. All pets traveling internationally must receive an exam with one of their accredited veterinarians before leaving the country. They can be reached at (847) 699-2450. The USDA is also a good source of information if you have any questions relating to travel documents and requirements.


Consulate Resources:

The office of the consulate of the country you will be traveling to should be contacted to ensure that all requirements for entry have been met. The U.S. State department web site www.state.gov/m/fsi/tc/c10442.htm will offer a list and phone numbers for all consulate offices as well as other helpful information regarding traveling with a pet.



Many countries require an international microchip. Please allow us 3-5 days to have one ordered and ready for implantation at the time of your appointment.

Additional Examination:

Many countries require additional tests and treatments prior to entry. In some cases, these tests need to be started 6 months in advance of departure. Please consult the specific guidelines on the international health certificate for more information.

Independent Pet Transport Companies:

There are several companies that handle the documentation and transport of pets internationally.
Happy Tails Travel, INC is one of these companies and can be reached at 1-800-323-1718 or for further information visit their website: Happy Tails Travel





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